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Many #asylumseekers have attempted to enter the #EU through #Poland. However, it is still a turbulent situation at the border, especially those #refugees stuck in #Belarus experiencing the same cold temperatures and lack of safety and #humanity. As a result, many people are stranded at the closed area in #Grodno at the Belarusian-Polish border.

In Grodno, about 500 #children have been settled at makeshift refugee camps established by the Belarus government; but in unhygienic conditions. There are recorded cases of unaccompanied refugee and disabled children asylum seekers at these borders. Independent activists and representatives of organisations under 'Action for Humanity' has assisted refugees and asylum seekers in #Bruzgi, the logistic centre. People only get minimal aid from international organisations such as the #RedCross. It is unknown how long the Belarusian government will be assisting since Belarus suspended its agreement with the EU. Moreover, it does not have any obligation to take back the asylum seekers who have crossed its territory.

There is an impasse between the EU and Belarus where the former has accused the latter of destabilising the EU and sending the influx of asylum seekers to Poland, #Lithuania, and #Latvia. In contrast, Poland has made it clear that it will not accept any asylum seeker into its country. Moreover, Poland has been using different tactics to push back the asylum seekers, often mishandling #women and using force on them in the cold.

Recently, Poland passed a law to restrict access of individuals to the borders, which would help the guards protect the borders and push back the asylum seekers; the situation is similar in Belarus. We argue it is the primary duty of the EU and all government bodies to protect the rights of the asylum seekers as guaranteed under the EU Law on international protection before a crisis unfolds, a problem which, unfortunately, the EU is too afraid to handle.

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