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Polish border guards unsuccessful in deporting an Iraqi asylum seeker

Recently, the Polish Border Guards made an unsuccessful attempt to deport a 30-year-old Iraqi. The deportation was blocked by a plane pilot who refused to accept the man on board. The Iraqi crossed the Polish border in August 2021. He tried to obtain international protection, but his application was rejected. He took part in protests in Iraq, for which he is facing the death penalty in his country. However, even though he referred to the imminent danger, he was refused asylum. For a year, he was held in several guarded centers for foreigners in Poland, where the conditions are known to be deplorable.

After the incident at Warsaw's Chopin airport, the Iraqi man was taken to the centre in Lesznowola. Activists, unfortunately, had no contact with him. "His phone was taken away and was left on the ground without support. Under duress, he was stuffed with strong, numbing drugs so that he does not cause trouble to the guards," wrote Joanna Sarnecka.

"The activists received information from the Border Guard that there will be no deportation today. So, a small, great success - they say, but do not rule out that when things get quieter, he could be taken away," confirmed by Laura Kwoczała, the representative of the Iraqi.

The man's fate, however, remains uncertain. While he has been refused legal protection in Poland, he wants to apply for it again, but currently, the Border Guards refuse to accept his documents.

The case is monitored by, among others, the office of the Ombudsman, lawyers from the Association for Legal Intervention, and activists from many other organizations.

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