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The organization's core is awareness-raising and education, achieved by the following programmes and activities.

Stories beyond the tent

This project relays individual narratives of refugees worldwide to humanise them through their stories of resilience, hope, challenges, and dreams. This narrative style induces empathy and helps see a person beyond their refugee identity. The stories comprise a collection from other sources and those we know personally. 


Rethinking Borders

This is an initiative to address the situation of refugees on a global level. We dedicate time and effort to understanding a country of conflict and informing people about it from the context of history, the socio-political situation, migration trajectories, the art and culture of the country, and existing policies. This is an ongoing project, and we hope to cover all continents.


Art For Activism

Art for activism (AFA) is an art program dedicated to raising awareness about refugees worldwide through the use of art in any form. From poetry to visual arts and even theater, the program aims to educate and connect the world to the realities of the situations faced by refugees and asylum seekers.


Project Kiran

Project Kiran aims to provide online mental health support to refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced individuals. This project will also raise awareness about the importance of mental health in our day-to-day lives. 


Psychology of the refugee situation

This project brings research to the public eye. It aims to communicate popular science versions of research conducted on the psychology of the refugee situation for people to understand the nuances of mental health's impact on refugees and its psychological processes.

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