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Project Kiran

Mental health support and advocacy


Our Story

The pre-migration stressors of war and persecution can lead to fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and panic. There is absolutely no doubt that people fleeing war could experience post-traumatic stress concerning their experience here. Psychologists claim that exposure to such conditions, short-term or prolonged, would lead to anxiety and depression. In addition, refugees experience internal losses such as loss of independence, stability, self-esteem, and status. They also experience environmental losses such as the loss of material possessions, the value of education, and the loss of connection to their culture and family.

Research has shown that the consequences of such losses can be devastative, leading to elevated rates of mood disorders, psychotic illness, and PTSD. In addition, those residing in refugee camps in low-income countries show the highest prevalence of anxiety and depression, reflecting the highly stressful conditions typically encountered in the camps.

Mental Health is often trivialised and even neglected for refugee support. With this project, we want to give refugees in camps, internally displaced who have just found a new home, relatives of displaced migrants, and people who have experienced war and conflict a place to manage their thoughts and emotions.

We mobilised more than 50 psychologists worldwide and can now offer mental health in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Arabic, to name a few. 

Apart from mental health support services, we also partake in mental health advocacy by organising webinars and workshops to break the stigma around the topic and encourage people to seek mental health support. 

If you are a therapist who would like to work with us, or if you are interested in organising a workshop on the topic, please get in touch by emailing

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