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Josephine had a miscarriage

Here you can read the summary of an article published in OKO.pressThis story concerns Josephine, Manuel, and their two children from Congo. First, they went to study in Rostov in Russia, then moved to Donbas. Manuel fled Congo from political persecution and Josephine from sexual violence and slave labour.⁣

In Rostov, they learned about the route through Belarus. For 40$, they got to Moscow, for another 200 - by plane to Minsk. There, the Belarusians kept them for two days and then sent them to the border. The Polish Border Guard threw them over the fence three times. After that, Polish soldiers gave them water, and other refugees met on the trail and shared dry food for the children's sake.⁣

The Belarusian border guards ordered them to dig under the wire between the Polish-Belarusian border. They stood behind them with rifles pointed at their heads. When they got impatient, they attacked the family with the dog. They let him off the leash, and he tore Josephine's thigh. As a result, the family has been wandering in the surrounding forests for two weeks. It turned out that Josephine was pregnant with the third child.⁣

Since Josephine was pregnant, activists returned to the family with a midwife. The examination revealed that Josephine had high blood pressure, Edema, and Gestosis (pregnancy poisoning). All they could do was administer drips, food, and hot tea. Josephine did not want to go to the hospital. She was afraid that she would be separated from her family and that her husband and children would not survive the subsequent deportation.⁣

People think summer is such a safe time to migrate. Unfortunately, it is not valid. It is wet in the woods. After heavy rains, you may not freeze, but you will get hypothermia or pneumonia. A few days later, Josephine had a miscarriage.⁣

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