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Story of Dehmat

Turkey (Kurdish)

My name is Demhat. I am a 28-year-old trans-Kurdish activist. I am from the Kurdish part of Turkey, born in Adana city. My journey from Turkey to Sweden, where I live now, was difficult because I am trans-Kurdish. The Turkish government calls the Kurdish people and people part of the LBTQI+ community ‘terrorists,’ specifically people who fight for their rights too. Moreover, it makes it difficult for me since I am an activist and fight for trans people and Kurdish people. My favourite hobbies are art, painting, music, and dancing.

Turkey is a good country, but the government and people are close-minded. So life is much harder for being trans and Kurdish. If you are a tourist, you are welcome and do not have to worry about discrimination. However, it makes life much more difficult if you are like me or advocate for people like me. Due to my identity, I have to fight for my rights.

I do not have contact with my biological family anymore. I have chosen my family and love them. They have a love for me too. Sometimes it is not essential how close you are to one another, and it is much more important how much you care for each other. Also, I believe it is essential to be there for the happy and sad moments together and generally be there to support one another.

My message to the world is, ‘We are here! Trans, gay, Kurdish, Arabic, black, white, animals. We are here, and we live together! We are much beautiful together! Moreover, latest thinking, I want to say LOVE. Love is our best medicine! Love yourself, love someone else, love animals, forest... Do not forget to love something.

Written by Gigi

Story of Dehmat
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