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Karolina Rybakowska

Content Writer

Karolina Rybakowska is a recent graduate of International Relations. She defended her thesis on the Common European Asylum System with a case study of Malta, where she spent the last year of her BA as an exchange student. When being abroad, she volunteered with an NGO that supports refugees daily. Karolina is currently pursuing her studies in Psychology. She finds inter-religious dialogue and peaceful coexistence within a multicultural society are the most interesting in this field. Her interests have been determined by genuine care for others and a sense of responsibility to give back.

As a content writer at Rethinking Refugees, she hopes her texts reflect what matters to her the most — the people. She believes that writing about individual stories can give each crisis a humane face. Karolina is also a President of the Students’ Society of Humanitarian Action at the University of Warsaw and looks forward to pursuing her further studies in migration and the humanitarian field.

She enjoys documenting bits and pieces of the world in her free time.

Karolina Rybakowska
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