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Katarina Pavičić-Ivelja

Content Manager & Managing Partner

Katarina Pavičić-Ivelja is from Rijeka, Croatia. As a journalist, for the past five years, she has focused on various human rights-related topics, such as women's rights in conflict-stricken areas and circumstances of forced displacement, with an emphasis on the Syrian war and the women's liberation movement within the Rojava Revolution; the latter being her Ph.D. topic she is currently working on.

In Croatia, she has, throughout the past years, volunteered with several local NGOs focused on women's rights in the country and on providing quality education to children from socially marginalised communities such as the Roma.

She believes no human being is illegal and wants to contribute to creating a platform that will amplify the voices of those experiencing oppression and not speak over them as 'the voice of the voiceless.

Katarina Pavičić-Ivelja
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