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Tastes of Tolerance (2019)

Do you agree that food is something that connects people? Just like how music is an international language, food also brings people together! In December 2019, together with @kuchniakonfliktu (Conflict Kitchen), we organised a unique cooking event called Tastes of Tolerance, at Hevre, the first of its kind in Krakow.

We started with five parallel cooking workshops led by excellent chefs, including refugees from different countries - Krasnodar Krai, Afghanistan, and Chechnya. We also had a cook joining us from Lebanon and the head chef of Kuchnia Konfliktu. Our participants prepared dishes during the workshop. Then we had a grand meal with workshop participants and others who joined us later in the evening for dinner.

The dishes included were - Afghani Pulao, Borani Banjan (Afghan dish with Aubergine), Kharcho Soup (Georgian), Fattoush salad (Lebanese), Dal (Lentil dish of Chechnya). All dishes were vegan friendly :-) We had more than 60 participants who joined us that evening. Thank you Chefs, Sultan (Afghanistan), Mateusz (Poland), Zargan (Chechnya), Sara (Lebanon), Sasha (Krasnodar Krai) for your delicious food!

During the meal, we spoke about the initiatives, heard the voices and stories of some of our refugees, talked about the cultural diversity of refugees worldwide. But what was the most important - we had a great evening with friends, with good food, good company and a good heart. Because we were there in #solidarity to #RethinkRefugees together!


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