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Phoenix Theatre Performance

Last year we started a new project - Phoenix Theatre Group: Theatre with a cause. Theatre is known to be a powerful tool for integration and empowerment. The debut performance was titled - Beyond: The Journey/ Poza: Tułaczka. The performance was in English/Polish with subtitles - for everyone to understand and relive the journey we wanted to communicate.

This performance, was unique, heartwarming, emotional and most importantly real. The play was based on REAL refugee narratives that transcended one to places where refugees grew up, their journey, their hopes, their lives at a camp, the despair and the plain and simple notion that, we are all humans. In this intimate show, people could 'put themselves in the shoes of refugees' and go on a journey with them .

We had three performances and the last one also had Mulham Abordan accompanying the performance with his beautiful music.

DIRECTED BY: Marta Kontny

WRITTEN BY: Michael Thomas, Sindhuja Sankaran, Emanuele Politi, Adam Lipnicki

INCLUDES EXCERPTS FROM: 'One Child at a Time' by Ken Pickering


BACKSTAGE HELP: Maryna Koleczek, Anna Seredyka, Justyna Cyrankiewicz

FEATURING: Marta Kontny, Aga Pudło, Anastasia Savelyeva, Sindhuja Sankaran, Tamara Zhe, Mykhailo Osiunin

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