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Rethinking Refugees


"Sabrina Amanda Tambala, under the pen name “Breezy Poetry” is a Malawian poet, spoken word artist and creative based in Krakow. Inspired by the women around her, she began writing in 2013 and has since performed in various art and corporate events. As a political activist, she aims to use the language of art and her love humanity to spread positive messages and to create awareness for pressing social and political issues. Sabrina is an unwavering feminist who believes in the girl child, her choices and encouraging young women to be unapologetic and proud of their individual as well as multidimensional identities. She hopes therefore that her writing allows a space for the world to connect and have an honest conversation. "

We met Sabrina last year during our slam poetry workshop and since then she's been with us as a team member. Last year, she oversaw the conception of the poem" Rethinking Refugees " and we would like to share this with you today.

I would like for you to see me as a human.

Not as a parasite, sucking the blood from the marrow of your bones.

Not as a virus, that needs to be managed.

I would like for you to see the heavy backpack on my shoulder

Not the color of my skin,

I would like for you to see the weapons in my home nation;

How can I stay home, when I have no home?

I would like for you to smell the stench of my dead family,

The sound of children crying,

The taste of sand in water,

And today, how can I wash my hands if I have no water ?

I would like for you not to touch my naked body but to see my soul ;

To rethink the beyond the borders of my stereotype.

I would like for you not to separate me from my mother as I have already been separated from my mother land.

Sometimes I feel alone, and all I need is a friend and not judgement.

Would you like to rendezvous with a glass of love?

I would like for you to walk with me and share stories.

I will learn your language but please do not make me forget where I come from.

I am not from a shit hole country.

Let me tell my story of the shit holes that bombs my country.

I would like for you to sail along with me before you see my child’s body washed ashore.

I am more than just a label.

I am not a terrorist. Period

I am more than just an object.

I am not a rapist. Period

I am more than just someone who would steal your jobs.

I am not a murderer. Period

I would like for you to see me as a human.

Above all, I would like for you to just like me.

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