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Human Life


Rad Music International based in Lesvos, Greece.

Rad Music international, is a group of Refugees, Local and international Volunteers and those who are living in lesvos/Greece.

"The Rad Music International group has ambitions to support refugees and also to fight for human Rights value regarding the lives of refugees and asylum seekers on the island of Lesbos. We will all stand united, to defend and demand respect for the rights of human beings, so we go all over the world through music, which is seen as a powerful weapon to defend our rights.

We also organise several activities like music, dance, education and social activities amongst the refugee communities. We try to bring back a smile on the face of everyone and fight for rights.

We realise that the easiest way to survive the difficult time we are facing as refugees, is to Dance and play music, because the music has no Nationality, no borders, no legitimacy or illegality. Music is only music and union community acceptance and tolerance. "

5 Main Goals of Rad Music International are

- Fight for human rights

- Connect people from different cultures and countries through music

- Support all the refugees with social activities

- Help Refugees integrate by education, in Greece and Europe.

Rad Music are now in the process of creating their first album titled - ''Human Life'', with 10 songs.

You can check out their music here:

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