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Borders are not so Black or White


"Mia is a classically trained artist and has a passion for using art to teach empathy and engage audiences in some of the most pressing issues of our times, including refugee care, environmental conservation, and peace-building. Her goal is to create designs that reflect their vision and empower their mission. Mia’s work has included designing, illustrating, e.g., a political cartoon, and formatting an educational book and complete teacher's manual for children impacted by the displacement crisis in Southeast Asia"

Mia has shared two beautiful pieces with us and here is the description of each piece:

1) I wanted to portray something different about this topic, more in line with the reality of situations that so many refugees are finding themselves in rather than it being a black and white portrayal. There is so much more to the story. So I used the unpredictable water patterns to show how this topic bleeds across the lines and is so much more complex than we might expect.

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