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#Yazidism is considered as the oldest monotheistic religion in the world. In its long history Yazidism has incorporated elements from of #Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, Gnosticism, #Christianity, and Islam, which together shaped an unique ethnics, cultural, and religious identity of Yazidi people. Yazidis believe in the #God called Xwedê. He is an omnipotent, merciful, forgiving power, as well as the creator of the whole universe. Yazidi #mythology holds that Xwedê created a white pearl, then a bird called Anfar, put this pearl on its back for 40 thousand years and in this way the world emerged. Similar to Islamic religious rules, it is impossible for humans to perceive God, thus it is strictly forbidden to present Xwedê in a form of human being or any other effigy.

The God, although monotheistic, is comprised of the Holy Trinity, that is: Malak Ṭāʾūs (the “Peacock Angel''), which is His earthly representative, Sheikh ‘Adi, and Sultan Êzî. The first one was wrongly identified with the Judeo-Christian and Islamic figure of Satan; in effect, dozens times in their history Yazidis were falsely accused for being a devil-worshippers and persecuted (by the matter of fact, there is no concept similar to idea of Satan in Yazidi theology). The Peacock #Angel is leader of the whole Holy Trinity, as well as of the Heft Sir (Seven Angels), and his mission is to mediate between human and divine world, spreading, from the one hand, the God’s wisdom and law among the Yazidi people, from the other – bringing human concerns and prayers before the presence of Xwedê. Due to his close relations with mankind, he is particularly worshiped among the Yazidi believers and has been presented in a form of bronze or iron peacock figurines called sanjaqs.

Yazidis are highly reluctant to inform strangers about their religion and traditions as well as to allow them to participate or witness their ritual practices. In this way they try to maintain the purity of their faith and community, protect them from the dangers that, as history proved many times, usually come from outside.

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