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Uyghur culture

Uighur people have their own unique language which is derived from Turkic. Uniquely they also use the Persian alphabet to write their language which they adopted in the 10th century around the same time they adopted Islam as their faith. Uighurs are known historically as farmers and are the largest producer of grapes in China. They also cultivate and grow a variety of other crops like rice, corn, grain, and cotton. Their rich history in agriculture dates back to 200 BC with their ancestors being Turkic pastoralists.

Because the growing of fruits and vegetables are an integral part of their culture, Uighurs make sure that they eat at least three meals every day. Their favorite foods are sweet jam, pancakes, dumplings, noodles, and melon. They love to drink strong tea and milk tea. Uighurs also have strict rules on butchering animals and do not eat pork.

Uighurs fashion is beautiful with bright colors made of cotton and silk. They also love to accessorize with a traditional cap always worn by men and women.

Fun fact: Uighur people believe that the proper way of sleeping is to lie on their back with their head facing towards the east.

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