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Ukrainian refugees in Norway

The outbreak of the War in Ukraine has spurred the movement of refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. In response to the outbreak, various nations amended their policies; Norway responded positively to social cohesion and better incorporated the people affected by the war.⁣

The Norwegian government relaxed its policies for better and more flexible integration of asylum seekers and refugees. The government introduced a minimum six months introduction program for the displaced, focusing on education, language training, career guidance, and proper government guidance. In addition, the government has directed the municipalities to provide language training after providing a proper settlement to the refugees and asylum seekers. It also recognised the Ukrainian driving license.⁣

Furthermore, the government launched a temporary collective protection status, under which it proposed amendments to the Integration Act and Education Act. Such changes ensure that the refugees make an informed choice and receive a suitable job and an environment/opportunity to study. For full access to the fundamental education right, the Norwegian government is deliberating on amending the Education Act to impart primary and secondary Education to Children and recognising foreign education. The municipalities are obligated to provide fully-fledged training in this respect within one to three months. Notably, as per the Norwegian standards, Ukraine is not included in the scheme for approved foreign vocational training; however, to overcome this obstacle, the NOKUT assesses the Ukrainian vocational training to determine its inclusion.⁣

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