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Syrian migration

Approximately 13 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian aid which makes it the world's largest refugee situation. More than 6,6 million people had to flee Syria during the civil war and around 6,7 million remain displaced within the country. While the majority of Syrians found refuge in the neighbouring countries, namely Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq, some have made their journey to Europe and North America. In 2019 around 11,9% of the asylum claims in Europe were made by Syrian refugees. Popular destinations are Sweden, Austria and the Netherlands. Germany ranks 4th worldwide in countries hosting the most Syrian refugees.

Syrians have sought asylum in more than 130 countries but the largest group, with around 3,6 million, is living in Turkey. More than 70% of Syrian refugees are living in poverty and have limited access to basic services. Additionally, more than a third of refugees under 18 have no access to education hence undermining children’s rights. The Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated the struggles of refugees, especially with the increased risk of infection in refugee camps.

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