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Scott Morrison's stance and actions towards refugees

Despite the change of government in #Australia and the new Labor office, the horrific immigration policy of the previous Liberal ruling party has not changed. Scott Morrison’s pledges still dominate the agenda, although the former PM has lost the election this time.⁣

Operation Sovereign Borders was implemented in 2013, which paved the way for a cruel process of returning unauthorised #boats to port, stopping both smugglers and asylum seekers from arriving in Australia.⁣

The infamous process involved offshore processing of asylum applications at facilities outside Australia on Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. The same has resulted in numerous deaths at sea.⁣

The policy of strong borders involving regional processing, Temporary Protection Visas, and boat turn-backs are aimed at lowering the rates of illegal immigration and uncontrolled ‘overpopulation’ of the major Australian cities.⁣

The detention centers have been a cure for ‘unlawful’ #refugees, although they struck fundamental human rights with harsh conditions. Some of the refugees have been in such centres for as long as eight years without formal recognition of their refugee status.⁣

Morrison, both as PM and Immigration Minister, has been criticised for horrific policies entailing not only making the refugees from detention centres come back home where frequently, a war is waged or remain in the centre, possibly risking resettlement outside Australia.⁣

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