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Refugee policies - Portugal

#Portugal is a leading European country in welcoming #refugees. By 2020, there were 2,445 refugees settled in 26 different municipalities across the country, most of them coming from #Gambia, #Angola, and #Guinea-Bissau.⁣

Portugal requires medical screening for refugees prior to entry, with priority being given to members of vulnerable groups such as women, survivors of violence and/or torture, unaccompanied minors, and others who require immediate physical and/or legal protection. Persons coming from areas under the Regional Protection Programme are also prioritized.⁣

Refugees whose entry request is accepted are required to participate in cultural orientation organized by the International Organization for Migration (#IOM).⁣

Once a case is accepted, IOM books flights and provides the necessary assistance during transit, while the relevant Portuguese diplomatic missions issue all the needed travel documents/#visas. Refugees accepted by Portugal under the #settlementprogramme will be provided with a renewable 5-year #residencepermit and a #traveldocument (if requested). Both documents are issued free of charge.⁣

Refugee status is automatically extended to family members born upon arrival in Portugal.⁣

The country offers free housing to refugees for up to 18 months, as well as a monthly income of 150€. Access to Portuguese language classes for integration purposes is also granted.⁣

It's worth mentioning that acquiring Portuguese #citizenship is relatively easy, as residing in the country for a minimum of 5 years is sufficient enough, making it uncomplicated for refugees to become Portuguese nationals.⁣Refugee

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