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Polish citizens' response to the war in Ukraine

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

As one of Ukraine’s neighbours, Poland will be directly affected by the escalating situation in the country. Polish authorities immediately decided to create reception points for Ukrainians fleeing the war, and quarantine requirements for people entering #Poland from #Ukraine were lifted. An important step was the creation of reception centers in Eastern Poland for Ukrainian #asylumseekers. They will provide information about registrations and #asylum procedures, temporary #accommodation, #medicalassistance and #food. Although these places are temporary, other centers will be made for those who plan to stay in Poland. Additional aid will be provided to the wounded and a special train is being set up to transport them to Polish #hospitals. For an easier access to information, an official website, phone line and e-mail has been established. Many social initiatives have been undertaken by Polish citizens to support Ukrainians. #MapaGościnności (pl. Map of hospitality) aims to map all those initiatives, ranging from #language support to proposing accommodation. People are offering their houses to host Ukrainians, while others, including owners of #transportation companies, are picking up people at the border to transport them across Poland. Telecommunication companies are lowering the rates for phone calls with Ukrainian numbers, while #Biedronka, a supermarket chain, has announced additional financial aid and the provision of jobs for family members of its Ukrainian employees. Polish citizens are trying to support their Ukrainian neighbours in many ways. However, as @globalna.wioska stated, it’s important not to act under the influence of emotions, and provide help only if truly able. The NGO has received messages of people willing to go ‘on the field’ in Ukraine, but without the necessary training, qualifications and experience, such efforts may cause more harm than good! If you wish to support those providing humanitarian aid, a list of fundraisers can be found in the bio of @globalna.wioska Follow our updates to learn more about the ways to support Ukrainians in these difficult times. Edited · 27w

rethinking_refugees Written by Wiktoria Caca

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