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Justice for Madina Hussiny

The High Council of the European Court of Human Rights rejected Croatia’s request to reconsider Croatia’s responsibility in the case of 6-year-old #Afghan#refugee girl #MadinaHussiny and her family. This confirmed the verdict that the Republic of #Croatia violated Madina's right to life, treated children inhumanely by keeping them in custody, illegally deprived the whole family of their freedom, and collectively pushed back the family from Croatia and denied them access to a lawyer.

Little Madina died on Nov 21, 2017 on the Šid-Tovarnik #railway track after her mother and six other children were intercepted by the Croatian #police officers and forced to return to #Serbia. During the #pushback, the officers directed them all the way onto the train tracks where little Madina was #killed by an incoming train.

The final verdict of the #ECHR, which rejected the request of the Republic of Croatia to reconsider the case of Madina Hussiny’s family, was announced earlier today.

According to the #verdict, in the case of 6-year-old Madina’s death, Croatia violated a number of provisions of the International Convention on Human Rights, including those on the right to life and the prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment.

Judges in the Council of the ECHR made this decision unanimously, and separate opinions were given by two judges, including Judge Ksenija Turković. The court concluded, among other things, that the Croatian authorities had not conducted an effective investigation into the case.

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