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Israel and the Taliban condemn the Russian re-invasion of Ukraine - Hypocrisy in action

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

With the Ukrainian war is occurring presently, some surprising actors have come out with statements in support of #Ukraine, condemning the Russian #invasion. While #Israel has been vocal about the situation in Ukraine since the beginning, even the #Taliban have issued a statement asking to cease the war.

From condemning #Russia for attacking Ukraine to voting against Russia on #UN General Assembly, Israel has taken a pro-Ukraine stance on the global stage. Israel has continuously pushed for a ‘diplomatic solution’ for the war. While Israel continues to assault #Palestinians in the #GazaStrip and #WestBank, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has been suggested to act as an unlikely mediator between Ukraine and Russia to stop the war. Israel has a close diplomatic relationship with Russia because of their joint military actions in #Syria; Ukraine also houses nearly a quarter-million Jews, making Israel a perfect negotiator between the two countries.

While Israel has been praised for providing humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine in the first run and for agreeing to take in #refugees, the government has adopted a discriminatory policy for Ukrainian refugees. The country has asked Jewish Ukrainians to seek #asylum in Israel, promising to provide opportunities to them. Under the Law of Return, the government will give citizenship to refugees with at least one Jewish grandparent. Most refugees will therefore be denied citizenship rights and even free medical care will not be provided to them by the government.

Meanwhile, #Taliban spokesperson Abdul Qahar Balkhi has called for ‘restraint’ in the Russia-Ukraine war, saying “All sides need to desist from taking positions that could intensify violence”. The statement is ironic, as the Taliban had violently usurped the democratically elected government of #Afghanistan not even a year ago and have been ruling by force since then.

While condemnation towards violence and war in Ukraine is justified and should be expected from all nations of the world, the ironic situation cannot be disregarded for both Israel and the Taliban.

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