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History of Yazidis

Yazidis are one of Iraq's oldest minorities who were forced to flee the country due to the brutal auctions of the Islamic State (ISIS). The vast majority of the Yazidis can be traced to northern Iraq, in and around Sinjar. Apart from Iraq, Yazidis can be found in Iraq, northern Syria, western Iraq, Armenia and Germany. Estimates say there are around half a million Yazidis spread across in settlements. Yazidism is the religion practiced by the community which is considered by some as a heretical devil worshipping religion.

Thousands of Yazidis have been killed, kidnapped, murdered or raped. While those who have escaped have relocated to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq or to wester countries, many are living in camps. It was even before the community came under the brutal attack, Yazidis have allegedly been discriminated by the Iraqi political system and have extreme violence by the authorities.

The genocide that took place close to 7 year ago continues to have an impact on the community as many are still missing. To speak of one of the horrendous acts has been that of the enslavement of more than 6000 Yazidis women, girls and children had brought the world to turn heads towards the genocide that was after initial denial recognized by many world nations.

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