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Famine in Yemen

#Malnutrition and #famine are not a new conversation in regards to #Yemen. Since 2016 a famine has been ongoing, with hundreds of thousands dying as a result. It started with the Yemeni Civil War and has continued with no end in sight.

The #UN has published numbers showing 400,000 #children suffering from acute malnutrition, and 2.3 million Yemeni children under five are projected to face acute malnutrition this year (2021). Unfortunately, those who make it to the hospital are lucky enough to have the money; the more impoverished families are turned away.

Over 16 million #Yemenis are food insecure, with nearly 50,000 already facing famine-like conditions (source: UN's World Food Program) and a further five million only one step away.

The UN's World Food Program (WFP) is calling on the international community to help them secure 1.9 billion dollars to save lives and secure food assistance in Yemen. WFP believes that only secured funding of this magnitude will help them implement a plan to end the famine.

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