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#Fairuz (Nuhad Haddad) was born in 1933 in #Beirut, #Lebanon. In 1947, Fairuz, who was 14, was discovered by Mohammad Fleifel, one of the founders of the National Conservatory of #Music in Beirut, where she spent five years training. She began her musical career as a member of the chorus at the Lebanese Radio Station, where Halim Al-Rumi, a composer and musical director at the radio, made her lead soloist. He composed songs mainly for her and gave her the stage name of Fairuz (#turquoise) because her voice reminded him of a precious stone.

In 1957, Fairuz appeared before a live audience for the first time, and 14 years later, a stamp was issued by the government to commemorate her name. In 1975, when the 15-year civil war in Lebanon began, Fairuz gained a considerable reputation in the #Arab World. #Poets and composers worldwide raced to write for Fairuz, resulting in more than 800 songs, 3 feature films, and 400 LP recordings in 3 decades. She performed live in New York, San Francisco, #Montreal, #London, and #Paris. She was also awarded the Gold Medal in 1975 by #King#Hussein of #Jordan.

Fairuz's artistic legacy was in tune with Lebanon and the Middle East's social and cultural developments. Her songs were a great manifestation of a new musical expression wherein the context was urban, but the inspiration was folk and rural. She sang of #love and the simple life, of love of her #country, and of the longing for a lost #Jerusalem. She sang old bedouin chants and brought back the '#muashahat', a musical style first heard in the gardens of #Andalusia. This unique combination of lyrics, music, and vocal quality earned Fairuz the name of "ambassador to the stars."

Here are some songs of Fairuz's we recommend:

• Le Beirut

• Habbaitak Be El Saif

• Wahdon

• Ana La Habibi

• Zahret El Madaen

• Rej'eet El Shatwiyi

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