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Chinese political refugees in Taiwan and Hong Kong

The #ChineseRepublic’s way of dealing with dissidents is harsh, regardless of whether political, religious or any other matter is in question. Citizens skeptical of the government’s decision-making are seen as a threat by #Peking. The methods of control vary from #DNAchecks, to punishment in ‘#laborcamps’.

The situation in terms of human rights is worsening dramatically. This leads to a rising number of people requesting #asylum all over the world. #Taiwan and #HongKong are common destinations for Chinese fleeing the mainland as both are democratic states, although especially in Hong Kong, the democracy has recently found itself under threat.

Many Chinese #asylumseekers in Hong Kong fled their home country because of #persecution, #hunger, and #politicalturmoil. A large part of Hong Kong’s population consists of former #refugees of the #Maoist China. Currently, the Department of Immigration is in charge of the asylum process. But, if one’s application had been officially successful, this does not automatically means that they have acquired a residence permit. It only means that they will not be returned to their country of origin.

Chinese refugees coming to Taiwan face a life of insecurity, with many being unable to ‘get back on their feet’, as Taiwan’s asylum policy is lacking and the state does not yet have a proper residence act. But, according to reports, most of the Taiwan inhabitants is friendly towards their neighbors from China. Since the recent happenings in Hong Kong due to Chinas repressive impact, it also happens that political refugees from Hong Kong search for asylum in Taiwan. But the refugee route is dangerous, the borders are monitored by the Chinese forces. Very often, people get caught on their way and must face dramatic consequences.

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