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Afghan migration

Where you live in Afghanistan will have a big influence on where you migrate. For example, those who depart from the southern and eastern parts of Afghanistan tend to enter Pakistan first. Those situated in the western areas, turn to Iran. The passage in both cases is difficult; from the Pakistani side because of the mountains of the Hindu Kush that those entering from the northeast will encounter, but also because of the desert and steppes for those heading to the south-western end, towards Iran. (Khosravi, 2011).

The passage from Iran to Turkey is the second leg of the trip. It usually includes crossing through the rocky mountain ranges dividing Iran and Turkey. The passage is one of the most dangerous due to weather conditions, geography...the crossing takes place mostly on foot and at night. (Triandafyllidou & Maroukis, 2012). The third leg of the journey is from Turkey across the North Aegean Sea to Greece.

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