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Story of Tiba -3

Poland (Iraq)

We had to go to this "closed facility." It was not a refugee facility, but like a prison. Guards and cameras were everywhere. I began to be frightened of the army and the guards. I had trouble sleeping and couldn't stop thinking about the forest time, the dogs chasing us.

I hoped that I would make my dreams come true, that a beautiful and bright future awaited me. I dreamt that my actions would influence the world. I hoped to serve society. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to become a dentist, play the piano and learn to draw. But I woke up in a place where no human can live.

Fear, anger, and screams fill the air of the prison. At that moment, I didn't know what was happening to me. Everything was blurry. I had passed out. On waking up, my whole body was in pain, and I couldn’t walk. These panic attacks occur every time I hear a scream. I had a headache all the time; I had trouble breathing. I was often given sleeping pills and slept all day. I did not get any help from the doctors in the centre; nobody was worried about my life. It was not valuable to them. We were seen as criminals, not as refugees.

I felt death was approaching. I have no energy, and no appetite. I wanted to take my own life. Doctors at the centre said that I was fine and would not help me because I was pretending and simulating these attacks. I was afraid of death because I was afraid that I would not be able to achieve anything in my life. Then my sister begged one of the guards to call an ambulance. It arrived, and I was taken to the hospital. The next day, they transferred me to the psychiatric ward.

For 28 days, I have been refusing to eat. They give me drinks that keep me alive. I am asking for freedom for my family and me. This is my story in a nutshell. Is it a crime to make dreams come true?

Do I deserve to die in prison? I am calling you to judge. I have complete trust in the people of Poland and Europe because they are compassionate people and fight for justice.

* Tiba and her family have since been released from detention on February 10th 2022.

Story of Tiba -3
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