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Story of Sherwan

Iraq (Yazidi)

Sherwan is from Sinjar, Iraq, but had to leave in August 2014. This is when ISIS started to take over the area. They began killing hundreds of Yazidis. Over 50,000 of Yazidis had to flee to the mountain areas, where they faced starvation and dehydration as this area was surrounded on all sides.

Sherwan's brother eventually joined the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to fight ISIS hoping to bring back some of the Yazidi girls that had been kidnapped. He lost his life some months later. Sherwan and his family eventually returned to the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq in Spring 2015.

In December 2015, Sherwan and his two younger sisters then decided to leave for Turkey from Northern Iraq, hoping to eventually get asylum in Europe. They went by boat to Turkey and finally making to Germany in Late December.

Finally, a year later, in December 2016, he and his two sisters finally were granted asylum.

This crisis did get a lot of international attention. Many countries such as United States and the United Kingdom did try to give aid by dropping food in those mountain areas to help those who were stranded there.

In late 2019, President Trump and the united states army raided the camp and caught the leader Abu, Bakr Al- Baghdadi who set off a bomb killing himself and his children.

Story of Sherwan
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