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Story of Farooq


Moria refugee camp is located in Lesvos, Greece. Once located on an old military base, Moria burned to the ground in October and has since moved to a sandy flood plain nearby. If you have visited Moria you know how horrible the conditions are and conditions have worsened.

Tens of thousands of people fill tents from all over the world including Pakistan. The population of Pakistani refugees has lessened but they do have one of the hardest times of receiving asylum. One of longest stays in Moria was by the man in the photo, Farooq Cheema. He stayed in Moria for four years before being transfer to main land Greece where he currently works and likes to make food and watch movies. We asked him about his experience in Moria.

“I left Pakistan for work and money because I belong to a poor family. I live in Moria four years and I don't really like my life in Moria. I just spend my life there, like sometimes people don't want to do something but they have to do it because they don't have any other way. I like to cook food and watch movies and my favourite colour is black ”

Story of Farooq
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