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Amber Johansen

Content Writer

Amber Johansen is a worldly-minded teacher who loves to study languages, read, and hone in on her creativity through writing and the arts.

After graduating with a Geography and Environmental Management degree, Amber has worked and volunteered with NGOs in many cities and countries worldwide. However, it was a trip to a refugee camp in Palestine, where she heard detailed first-hand accounts of the plight of refugees, that sparked Amber's passion for activism in this field. Most recently, she spent two years living in Ukraine teaching English, where she became further informed on the IDP experience and began pursuing journalism. "We are all part of an interwoven tapestry of stories," Amber says. "It is our moral duty to remain cognizant of the ongoing situation of refugees and to help our global family in any way we can - seeking asylum is a fundamental human right."

Amber's primary goal is to humanise refugees and promote cultural awareness through storytelling. She is currently in her home country of the U.K, preparing for postgraduate studies.

Amber Johansen
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