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Stories beyond the Tent (2018)

Stories beyond the tent was the first event organised by Rethinking Refugees to highlight the refugee camp Moria's situation in Lesbos, Greece. The event had former volunteers from camp Moria join us and share their work with a former Afghan refugee threatened by the Taliban and living in Krakow. We also connected through Skype with the founder of Connect by Music organisation, who explained the importance of music in building a sense of community with refugees living in Moria.

Sindhuja, our founder, then reiterated the need to engage in humanising narratives about refugees, leading to an open question-and-answer session with our audience members. We discussed general refugee policies, discrimination and prejudice, and, most importantly, how we can engage and do more.

The event's highlight was that we connected with our two friends, Safa and Rogi, who were in Moria then, to share their life journey for the first time in Krakow, if not Poland. People were moved by this and rudely awakened to the reality of Europe's refugee camps and the inhumanity surrounding them

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