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Rethinking Borders (2019)

In June 2019, we met in Krakow to stand in solidarity with refugees on World Refugee Day. Our two-day meeting had one main aim: ''Give refugees a platform to share their experience with people in Krakow and at the same time, provide an opportunity for people in Krakow to meet refugees and engage in open dialogue''.

During the panel, people met refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq in person. They listened to their stories and life journey first-hand. This event was memorable and powerful because this was the first time in Krakow an event has been organised. Participants had the opportunity to meet refugees, talk with them, and engage in open dialogue.

1) We started with a drama workshop in #Hevre, intending to give the refugees a voice to express and initiate a discussion within the community about the many challenges they face with. The workshop was led by Michael Thomas, our dear friend.

2) We had a film screening - "Mission Lifeline," a documentary about the German-based NGO and their lifesaving mission in the #Mediterranean Sea, that gained sad notoriety by a conflict with the Maltese authorities Summer 2018.

3) After the screening, we had an open discussion - many people participated: refugees, activists, Krakow residents, and others. During the film screening and the meeting, we had some fantastic food from different parts of the world!

4) On the second day, we had an amazing concert in Alchemia - Mulham Abordan was the star, joined by many other artists from Krakow.

It was an exceptional two-day event - people from all over the world joined us. We created a safe space for everyone, talked, asked, danced, supported each other, and most importantly - we stood in #solidarity with #refugees!


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