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Stateless, not voiceless


Imagine you were only 10 and had to flee your home in Myanmar. For many years you are a refugee in Bangladesh, and then you live in India, again in a refugee camp. "In Myanmar, my father was a businessman with political connections, but in India, we are refugees and have no rights; we can't buy property, get a government job. But no one can deny us education," says Johar, one of Delhi's Kalindi Kunj camp residents.

He is also one of many who took part in a workshop conducted by World Comics India. The refugees taking part in it could tell their stories using the language of a comic book, writing, and sketching.

As a result, they share their stories in a comic book called "Rendered Stateless Not Voiceless" as first they believe it can make more people aware of a refugee's everyday struggle. Just reading the titles, you can feel their emotions and the uncertainty in their lives.

''In Search of a Safe Life'', ''Long Journey'', ''My heart is still in Myanmar'' – to name a few…

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