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"What would we expect from people if we were on the other side of the sea"

SAYPE artiste is an artist working in Geneva but other places too. He painted an image of a little girl welcoming a boat on the grass of a large park in Geneva. Through that artwork he wanted to make salient the work done by SOS Mediterranée, an organization founded to rescue migrants from the Mediterranean Sea.

The airbrushed image, which is made from biodegradable paints, serves as a reminder of the migrant crisis across Europe, the artist told AFP.

"Here, we have a little girl who launches an origami boat as a message of hope, so to speak," Saype said. "The childish figure is a recurrent one in my work because I think it's the future generations who will eventually take over. So it's important from them to be sensitive to these issues.

"The girl is named 'Future' to symbolize the generations to come."

Photo © Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

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