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"Gato Urbistondo was born in San Sebastián in 1979. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV, but despite this he considers himself a self-taught artist.Gato has exhibited in numerous local shops, in galleries such as Arteko or in important rooms such as the Kubo-Kutxa room. He has also done murals and graphic design works such as posters, has participated in events as an artist, has given painting workshops, has collaborated with clothing brands and has appeared in specialized magazines such as Arteuparte and Lokalirri.In 2018 he decided to drop everything and dedicate himself seriously to painting. Since then he has worked as an independent freelance artist in his studio-workshop La Hoguera."

As for his style of painting Gato says "Sometimes I go for a more expressionist style and other times more realistic, and in the backgrounds I often like to go towards abstraction, but I always usually include recognizable figures"

The title of the piece he shared with us is called "Aylan" size 71 x 58 cm. Medium oil on canvas"

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