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Turkish embroidery

The art of embroidery has a significant role in everyday life and pieces like religious hangings for mosques, prayer carpets, and Koranic cases were covered in graceful floral patterns in delicate colors offset with silver and gold. This kind of art also had its purpose at the military level and was widely used as military equipment. Embroidery designs were based on the geometric and floral patterns used in ceramics and woven silks but tulip design was mostly loved among people. Sadly like most traditional crafts embroidery is being killed by cheap technology and the modern textile industry. Yet most grandmothers still pass their time ornamenting bed coverings and clothes for their grandchildren. Other important media were in the applied or decorative arts rather than figurative work. Pottery, jewelry, hardstone carvings, Turkish carpets, woven and embroidered silk textiles were all produced to extremely high standards, and carpets, in particular, were exported widely.

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