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The new EU migration pact

According to the pact as an attempt to revive after 4 years, the European commission will be abandoning the idea of mandatory refugee quotas. Now, EU member states can choose whether to accept refugees, or take charge of returning those denied asylum to their home countries. Governments that refuse refugees and asylum seekers can instead opt to return people denied asylum to their country of origin, an idea described as “return sponsorship”.Countries would be offered €10,000 (£9,192) for each adult, funded from the EU budget to accept refugees. But, no country would be obliged to offer shelter to anyone.

One NGO accused Brussels of giving in to anti-migration governments. “The commission has bowed to pressure from EU governments whose only objective is to decrease the number of people granted protection in Europe,” said Marissa Ryan, the head of Oxfam’s EU office.

“This pact risks making the model of Greek hotspots a blueprint for all border countries in the EU,” said Erik Marquardt, a German Green MEP, who has been in Lesbos since the Moria fire.

In this video you see that The EU promised “no more Morias, but they just helped build Moria 2.0 on Lesvos. The so-called long-term solution for migration and asylum just presented by the European Commission is once again designed to trap people in camps at borders and on islands.

So what would this mean for countries like Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary?Countries that are already not accepting their fair share of refugees. Do you think this new migration pact will change the course of refugee acceptance in these countries? Do you think this new policy would relieve the overload experienced in the Greek island hotspots? Do you think asylum procedures to leave the island would indeed be faster? Where would refugees leave if countries now have an option for acceptance?

We believe this is another disaster waiting to happen that will only fuel more hate, segregation, containment, degradation, repression and xenophobia. This approach will be a political, humanitarian and moral failure. Radical change is needed, now.

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