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Syrian children

Currently, according to #UNICEF, there are 19.8 million people in need from #Syria. Approximately 6 million of them are #children. The #Syrian conflict has created the world’s largest current displacement of people. Over 5.6 million registered refugees are displaced outside of Syria – the total number is likely to be much higher as a lot are undocumented - with the rest internally #displaced within Syria. The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn has made the situation significantly worse and more volatile for Syrians.

Children in particular are #vulnerable in situations of #displacement and #conflict. They are often the most adversely affected. Children have no safe place to learn, play or live at peace with their families. They do not have the privilege of experiencing a ‘normal’ childhood, and forced to grow up so quickly. Repeated displacement, uncertainty, and exposure to violent conflict are known to have both immediate and long-term impacts on a child’s psychological wellbeing.

An estimated 2.15million school-aged children inside Syria and more than 40% of Syrian refugee children remain out-of-school. More than a 1/3 of the country’s schools are either damaged, destroyed, used as shelters or occupied by armed groups.

Children who have found ‘safety’ in neighbouring states, they face a number of threats to their safety. Within displaced populations, early marriage and child labour are becoming increasingly common as coping mechanisms as families struggle to survive.

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