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Refugee protection failures of 2021

The struggle of #refugees, #asylumseekers and the internally displaced often remains unseen till date, their rights violated and needs unanswered.From South Sudan to #Afghanistan, these are the events that marked 2021 as #failures in #humanrights protection:

1. THE SYRIAN WAR – It’s been 5 years since almost a million #Syrians sought asylum in the #EU in 2015. Many remained stranded on the borders of Fortress Europe and unable to regulate their status for years to come due to the inefficient asylum systems of the member states.

2. TALIBAN TAKEOVER - After the fall of #Kabul to the #Taliban on August 15, 3.5 million people became internally displaced, with many others seeking asylum in the EU. Despite women and children being severely impacted, the EU agreed to take in only 40 000 refugees, claiming already being over capacity.

3. CUBAN-REFUGEE SITUATION - On July 11, the authorities in #Havana violently suppressed a protest sparked by food shortages, causing many to flee to Moscow and Belgrade and subsequently to file for asylum in #EU member states.

4. #USMEXICAN BORDER – The border authorities separated numerous children from their families in order to frighten and deter displaced migrants and asylum seekers, with many children sleeping on cold floors, without access to hygiene in overcrowded facilities.

5. ENGLISH-CHANNEL DISASTER - At least twenty-seven refugees drowned on November 24 while trying to cross the #EnglishChannel. This is only one of many cases of lives lost at sea due to Fortress Europe’s reluctance to provide asylum to those who need it.

6. #POLAND-BELARUSIAN IMPASSE – Since August, many asylum seekers are stranded at the disputed PL-BL borders in the freezing-cold winter with no resources, since the area has been restricted for humanitarian organisations.

7. AFRICAN REFUGEE SITUATION – Humanitarian aid still remains inaccessible to many from South #Sudan, #Ethiopia, #DRC and #Burundi due to constant armed confrontations between the government & regional militant groups.


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