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Recent pushbacks in Greece

Reports from NGOs came out about ongoing pushbacks toward refugees arriving on the #Greek islands in recent weeks. The group, #Aegean Boat Report, has informed about 18 refugees who have contacted them after arriving in Lesbos. The group consisted of adults and children, one of whom needed medical attention. After they arrived at the location, activists reported the disappearance of the group but later gave an update stating that they had all been transported to the quarantine camp in Megala Therma.⁣

Some of the refugees have also spoken out about the appalling practices of Greek Coast Guards, who captured a group of refugees arriving from #Turkey and proceeded to throw some of them into the water without life vests on and some even handcuffed. Afterward, the body of one person washed up on a nearby shore, and two more people were considered missing.⁣

Some activists report a group of forty Syrian refugees being stuck on a small island on the Evros river without food or water. One of the groups - a five-year-old girl - has passed away after being stung by a scorpion.⁣

Unfortunately, the right-wing Greek government keeps ignoring the voices of NGOs and human rights organisations, calling on providing refugees with adequate help and medical assistance and ceasing illegal pushbacks.⁣

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