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Polish soldiers deflated the ambulance tires at the Polish-Belarusian border

On November 9th, the Medycy na Granicy (Doctors at the border) team assisted 8, including a woman with an arm injury. Unfortunately, due to the terrain conditions, they could not reach the place of call by #ambulance. So, they left it at the forest entrance and got to the patients in their off-road car. After helping, they returned with this car to the place where they had left the ambulance.

It turned out that 3 of the four tires of the ambulance were deflated (not punctured!). There was a car present at the site - an olive #Volkswagen, the registration numbers of which began with "UA" - plates used by the #Polish#Army. There were two uniformed men and one woman near the car. The medical team tried to establish contact with the officers. Still, in vain, the officers did not respond to their "good morning," neither did they introduce themselves. Soon, the military car drove away. The police were notified, and also, roadside assistance was called to the site, which confirmed that the tires were indeed deflated and not punctured.

The team comments in a FB post, "The whole situation was unimaginable to think that the officers of the Polish Army probably deflated the ambulance wheels of a group of people with medical education, whose sole purpose is to provide medical assistance to people in need. We are outraged and shocked. Until now, all state officials have been neutral towards us. The behaviour of unidentified people in uniform driving a vehicle belonging to the Polish Army was clearly hostile to us. We appeal to the Minister of National Defense to urgently investigate this shameful incident."

Unfortunately, the Ministry of National Defense denied that the perpetrators of yesterday's damage to the ambulance were, in fact, #soldiers.

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