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Pakistani Chai culture

When you think about Pakistan - do you think about tea? Many people do not know that Pakistan is the 3rd largest tea importer and seventh-largest tea consuming country globally - chai for lots of people is the most Pakistani thing. There are different ways to prepare chai - some, like Doodh Patti, are prepared in milk instead of water and are very sweet. Like Masala Chai, others are cooked with many spices that make them amazing to taste and smell.

Another chai recipe, this time something perfect for digestion - green tea chai with lemon! You should also try green tea with milk - Kashmiri chai, also known as Noon chai - there are also nuts added to it! However, when did the chai culture in Pakistan start? To answer that, we have to know the country's history and remember the British colonialism in the region.

Tea was part of the British business, and to involve the Indian citizens in it, they advertised it as very healthy to drink. Now the Pakistani chai is not the same as the British tea - it is much sweeter, it has more milk and spices! Chai culture in Pakistan brings people together - young and old, poor, and rich. It is not just a simple drink but a reason to meet to spend time with families and friends. It is effortless to find a place to drink chai in the open-air, just to relax or have a meeting with someone. Of course, coffee has come to Pakistan, and it gains popularity, but chai is still going strong, and most people choose it as the everyday beverage - to start the day and then to drink until the evening.

Let us know if you tried the special Pakistani chai! Which type? Or which one would you like to drink? For us, all of them are special and very tasty!

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