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Paid internships for refugees in IKEA in Poland

Inability to find a stable job often impedes a good, safe livelihood for refugees in #Poland, as a result of no experience in the local job market, poor #Polish language skills, lack of familiarity with bureaucratic procedures, limited access to critical information, and prejudiced employers.

#asylumseekers and displaced #migrants in Poland have many talents, knowledge, experience, and motivation to find a job and thanks to a project offered by #IKEA Targówek Sp. z o.o. and Fundacja Ocalenie, acquiring a paid internship in the company is now a possibility.

There are ten 6-month (Mar-Aug 2022) paid internships for refugees and asylum seekers with basic Polish language skills. Employees can expect a complete benefits package from IKEA, support from Fundacja Ocalenie in Polish language acquisition, psychological and legal consultations, and help from cultural mentors working in Warsaw’s Centrum Pomocy Cudzoziemcom daily.

The project aims to raise professional and language competence amongst refugees and better their chances of finding work in IKEA or elsewhere. It also entails supporting refugee families, the local economy, and integration. After the internship, the workers will be encouraged to apply for existing work positions through a standard recruitment process.

Fundacja Ocalenie also trains leaders and “buddies” - meaning those who work in IKEA Targówek and will be directly involved in the realisation of the internship programme.

More details and the link to the recruitment form are available here:

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