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Medics at the Polish-Belarusian border

Many people have died at the borders due to hypothermia. The temperatures are reaching 0 at night. They have no medicines for the chronic diseases like diabetes. They are dying of cold and hunger. As a response, a grassroots group of 40 medical professionals came together to provide medical aid to the asylum seekers at the Polish-Belarusian border. They asked for permission to the Minister of the Interior and Administration but were refused. According to the ministry, in the state of emergency, medical assistance is provided by border guards and, if necessary, emergency medical teams are called.

Dr. Jakub Sieczko, the initiator of the letter, said "The issue is essential, both in a social and humanitarian way. I think that if the government of any country is facing a humanitarian crisis on its doorstep and there is a group of trained, competent medical professionals who declare that they are not politically involved in any way and their sole purpose is to assist those in that crisis, they should not refuse such a request."

Marta Falecka of #medycynagranicy said, “ I cannot idly sit by looking at this situation . I'm a nurse, I can give my time and hands that can work. I am thinking of the people who are at the forest and the fact that they are afraid. I believe that they will feel safe when they see us, and that we will be able to help them before it is too late.”

Recently, the group was notified about 12 asylum seekers, including children who were in the forest for 15 days. A man in his 20s suffered from an exacerbation of a chronic disease that he had contracted while still in his country of origin. He received emergency treatment in the form of an intramuscular injection, bringing some relief. Luckily, the border guards who stopped their ambulance for inspection did not hinder our work.

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