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History repeats itself

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Currently, we can observe haunting similarities between #WorldWar2 events and Putin's declaration of war against #Ukraine. However, it is not a hyperbolic comparison; the media has circulated harrowing footage depicting Ukrainians sheltering below-ground in subways. Meanwhile, a cacophony of sirens provides an eerie soundtrack to the streets above. As of Friday, #Russian aggression has claimed the lives of 137 Ukrainians, with a further 316 wounded.

Following World War II, the #USA and its allies installed peacekeeping and economic institutions designed to prevent another major war. For almost eight decades, this system has worked reasonably effectively, even in the face of the #ColdWar. However, it is now confronting its most significant challenge by far.

The week began with #Putin spewing extreme Russian nationalism in a chilling rant. His rhetoric included angry paranoia toward the West, baseless claims of Ukrainian aggression, a sense of lost imperial pride on the verge of reclamation, and invocations of history, most of which were fabricated. His delusional speech ultimately tried to justify sending troops into Ukraine for "peacekeeping functions." Such displays of righteous rage mirror #Hitler's as he invaded to 'help' Germans in the #Sudetenland or #Danzig. Like Hitler, Putin has distorted reality and penned his fictitious history book.

Comparisons between the two dictators are not new. In 2014, Putin took a page out of Hitler's book when he described #Crimea's annexation as a "homecoming." Hitler had welcomed #Austria's "home" in the same way (Heim ins Reich).

So far, the #UN's refugee agency reports approximately 100,000 #displaced Ukrainians, with thousands fleeing to nearby European states. This is the dawn of a new humanitarian crisis, a new crisis for #refugees, a crisis that has the potential to increase into another fully-fledged international #war.

Rethinking Refugees stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We hope for peace to prevail.

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