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Experience of LGBTQI+ refugees in war

According to the #UNHCR, LGBTQI+ individuals are particularly vulnerable to violence in situations of war or fleeing their home countries. Many experience stigmatisation and gender-based violence. They are often less protected by the security forces and are excluded from health care.⁣

According to UNHCR, the ongoing war in #Ukraine significantly worsened the position of #gay and #bisexual men. Additionally, a specific problem has emerged for #trans Ukrainians. The male population between the ages 18 and 60 is banned from leaving the country, and many trans individuals struggle with a complicated bureaucratic and medical process needed to get their identity validated by official documents. Zi Faámelu, a Ukrainian singer, is still labeled as a man on her passport. Due to this, she has been barred from crossing the border. The officers called her a man and showed no regard for her identity. She has experienced this kind of discrimination before the war too, as she told journalists, saying that she has been in survival mode and experiencing harassment for almost her entire life. She states that she never felt that she could just be who she truly is.⁣

All over the world, numerous LGBTQI+ persons still struggle with political and social exclusion. It is an ongoing fight for fundamental rights as human beings and a place in society. It has to be in our hands as a society to work towards changing the existing structures and showing #solidarity with the oppressed every day.⁣

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