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Doctors' cars damaged at the Polish-Belarusian border

A few days ago, the ambulance tires of Medycyn na Granicy (Doctors at the border) were deflated. Today, unknown perpetrators damaged five-passenger cars that belonged to the doctors on call that evening and journalist Anna Mikułska accompanying them. Tires were punctured, windows and lamps were broken, and the body of the car was damaged. In addition, there were visible traces of an axe being used. The local police are investigating the case.

Due to the damage to the vehicles of on-duty doctors, the situation was considered dangerous. And Medycy na Granicy suspended their duty. However, the telephone service would still be open. This would have been some of the final operating hours of the medical team wherein they will be replaced by the Polish Foundation for International Aid (PCPM) which will be taking over duty on the border from Tuesday.

PCPM Medical Rescue Team- "We have been observing the situation so far, and have great respect for the work of Medycy na Graniwith. Nobody should die in the woods. Our goal is one. It is saving lives, both Poles and foreigners."

Medycyn na Granicy - “This is not how we imagined the last hours of medics on the border. We regret that the medical help we provided met with such an aggressive and brutal reaction. There are 39 shifts behind us, and it was a time of hard work and many emotions for us. However, we have experienced gestures of solidarity and support from many sides. Thank you.”

We, at Rethinking Refugees, condemn these acts of violence against those helping people in need. Humanity trumps borders. We extend our thanks and gratitude to Medycy na granicy We wish PCPM the best of luck to continue the valent efforts of saving lives.

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