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Children in danger at the Polish-Belarusian border

The situation at the border between #Poland & #Belarus is reaching dangerous terrain; both governments accuse each other of destabilising the region. In addition, politicians are discussing who to blame amongst the thousands of refugees held at the border trying to survive the #inhumane conditions they are living in at the Polish-Belarusian Border.

The most #vulnerable group in this crisis is the hundreds of #children in the middle of the forest facing temperatures that can reach -3 degrees at night and decrease within the upcoming days. Yet, both governments ignore their right to pledge refugee status and their fundamental children's rights. This makes children vulnerable and reduces their chances of survival.

The current situation at the border is driving us dangerously to repeat the tragedy of; #AylanKurdi, who died in 2015 on a beach in #Turkey trying to reach with his mom and sister Greece. Hundreds of children are in danger at the border between Belarus and Poland; with the cold weather rising in #Europe, we are increasing the chance for more kids and families to perish.

Arias is two years old; he has made a long voyage that few people can ever experience at his age. Arias and his parents leave north #Iraq, escaping from the violence and political persecution that nowadays the region lives. They have been living on the border between Poland and Belarus with the hope to cross to Europe and get a better life since the last year. Instead, however, they have been deported.

As hundreds of children, Arias was at the border and experienced the severe weather, constant violence, and fear of being between two government regimes. Unfortunately, the government ordained border guards use refugees as chess pieces between each other. On one side, a dictatorship that does not see any additional value than to fulfil their authoritarianism and a democratic block that has left him at its fate, a democracy that today looks more oligarchy and selective group than a natural protector of human rights.

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