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Children from the Brest station in Poland

Today we want to tell you about a wonderful initiative created in Poland by Marina Hulia, half Russian, half Belarusian, living in Poland. It is called “Dzieci z Dworca Brześć” - “Children from the Brest Station”.

Many Chechen families, mostly mothers with children, left their homeland and went to the Belarusian-Polish border where they were stopped for many months at the Brest station. Some of them tried to cross even 20-50 times. Conditions at the station were and still are terrible - they were forced to stay there but had to pay to use the toilet and didn’t have any chance to live in dignity.

Marina Hulia helps the families that manage to cross the border and then engages them in helping others in need - the Chechen mothers cook for persons with disabilities, work in the retirement houses and support the homeless.

At the Facebook page of the “Children from the Brest station” initiative you can find many moving and beautiful stories of Chechen families living in Poland as well as fundraisers and information about possibilities to support the refugees from Chechnya.

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